Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why a blog?

I recently started a course of study with the Diocese of Manchester, "Called to Servant Leadership".  Each class has writing assignments which have been reflections on biblical passages or some aspect of my own faith journey.  I had seen some faith based blogs before, but was somewhat hesitant to put my writing into that format.  I was unsure it was good enough or that it might be seen as boastful.  One Thursday, I went to daily mass over lunchtime and our pastor delivered a homily dealing with our fears and reservations about sharing the Word of God with our friends and faith community.  It seems my worries had been heard.  This evening I was feeling unsure about my ability to do so while shopping for sites and came upon an encouraging post.

So here I am, ready to share my faith with whom ever cares to read in the hope we may each come a little closer to our Lord.  I place my efforts in His hands and bring my light out from under the bushel.

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